13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever

Mouse is a very essential accessory of a computer. Most of the time we use only a mouse to control everything on a computer. However, like every accessory of a computer, the design and usage of mouse has also changed enormously over the years. We no longer use mouse as just a simple input device, but there are some mice in the market that do more than just control the cursor on screen. The designs of mice are no longer tradition. They have been replaced by cool designs which are aesthetically pleasing too. Here is a list of some of these cool mice.

Vertical Mouse 2

vertical mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 supports your hand in a fully upright handshake position that eliminates the forearm twisting required by ordinary mice. Many computer users that switch to the Vertical mouse 2 like it after getting used to it and some even say that using the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 has made a very significant difference in their ability to keep working on a computer without pain. The grip of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 is the same as an ordinary mouse, just turned sideways – the buttons are operated by the same fingers too.

Wireless Washable Optical Mouse

unotron washable mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk
Unotron WM10 Wireless Optical Mouse may look just like an ordinary mouse but actually it is more than that. It is a water proof mouse that uses SpillSeal Technology that provides an easy solution to the problem of bacterial infection. The Unotron WM10 has a sealed structure that lets you wash and sterilize it.

MoGo Media Mouse

mogo mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

MoGo Media Mouse X54 is a wireless multimedia remote and mouse combined – and stores/charges inside your laptop’s ExpressCard/54 slot. It has Embedded Bluetooth technology that enables you to take control of iTunes, YouTube, Windows Media Player and other similar media from 30 feet away. The MoGo Media Mouse has all other functions like scroll, right click, left click as that of a conventional laser wireless mice but without the bulky, oversized design.

Logitech MX Air

logitech mx air mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

The Logitech MX Air mouse is powered by advanced laser technology that gives it precise tracking and instant response. It has something called ‘In the air, innovative Freespace motion sensing’ that transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls. The Logitech MX Air comes with a Micro-receiver and a Recharging station.

Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse

saitek cyborg 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

If you need super-precision in working or gaming, this Saitek Cyborg mouse is the best you can ever get. It has an extremely extraordinary design, developed especially for precision gaming. This 3200dpi cyborg mouse is adjustable to your hand and has two extra buttons that can be set up to do special functions.

OptiWind Mouse

optiwind mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

OptiWind mouse has a built-in cooling fan that helps you avoid getting sweaty palms when playing your favorite games for hours together. The cooling fan is swithable, so you can turn it off anytime you don’t need it. The fan inside the OptiWind Mouse rotates at a speed of 1500 rpm and has an air flow of 28 CFM.

Ultra-Slim USB Mouse

usb mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

Ultra Slim USB mouse is a sleek and very light USB mouse. It is only 14mm thick and has a 1800dpi for precise tracking on most surface.


lcd mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

The LogiNoki is the combination of the logitech G5 mouse and Nokia 6610. This mouse has been modded to have an LCD screen. This is one thing you can have just for fun because whenever you use this mouse, the LCD will be covered by your palms. The LCD of an old Nokia 6610 was taken and hooked up to a logitech G5 mouse. Then wiring and a parallel port connector were attached to the Logitech G5′s existing USB cable and the end-product was this, LogiNoki - LCD Mouse.

Ocean Flashing Mouse

ocean flashing mouse 1 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

This is a 800dpi cool mouse that has it own built-in mini liquid ocean. A LED built inside th mini-oceam makes sure the mouse changes colors and lights up the oceam with vibrant colors. On tilting the mouse, the loose shells and sand move around inside the mouse. All in all, this is a good addition to your desktop.

Sony Mouse Phone

mouse phone 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

The sony has a cool series of mouse-cum-phones. These Mouse phones are best for calling on Skype. The Mouse Phones look cool and have a wide array of colors available.

Lingo Wireless mouse

lingo mouse 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

The Lingo Wireless mouse is the world’s smallest mouse. It has a 2.4Ghz wireless band that helps you stay wire free. It is powered by a Lithium 320mAh battery and a single battery lasts for 14 – 16 Hours. The Lingo wireless mouse is best for laptops because it fits inside your pockets and you can take it with you anyhere you like.

World of Warcraft Mouse

mouse wow 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

This mouse is the first one to be designed exclusively for World of Warcraft. It has a total of 15 programmable buttons and over 130 predefined macros and possibility to create your own macros. The WoW mouse has 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity levels.

Saitek Obsidian

saitek obsidian 13 Coolest Computer Mice Ever at techunicorn.co.uk

Saitek’s Obsidian is a 1,000 dpi mouse with a touch-sensitive scroll. It has a bundled recharge cradle with wireless transmitter and a total of five buttons. The scroll of the Saitek Obsidian is 4-way touch sensitive.

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